King of Hunters – Brief Guide To MOBA Battle Royale Game

There are several different ways in which technology has changed our lives. From booking flight tickets for vacations to ordering groceries, we have started depending on our computers and phones for everything. Video games have emerged as a great and convenient way to blow off steam. There are several types of video games that have caught the attention of players worldwide. Battle royale games happen to be one of them.

King of Hunters is a combination of MOBA and battle royale style game that brings a refreshing twist to the gaming genre. King of Hunters is a game that is set in a different time which gives the game a new look. It has a detailed map and many different weapons to choose from. It allows players to engage in hand to hand combat. The variety of choices offered to people in the game makes the game very intriguing.

King of Hunters is a game that has a lot of factors that affect the gameplay. Understanding the game better will help players adapt and face the more seasoned players.


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Key Features And Tips


Most players tend to neglect the training session that plays when the game first starts. This is a well-devised tutorial that allows players to understand their character, its powers, controls and tasks that one must perform to get by. This is why each player needs to go through this tutorial thoroughly.


The game is designed for a bird’s eye view that allows the players to gauge the situation they are in with ease. This allows them to witness the combat first hand from a view that allows them to measure the enemies’ experience and ability.

It does have much better detailing than other battle royale games and hence the game is more enjoyable than others. The scaling and interface are more compact and hence it gives the players a better view of the surroundings as well.

Weapons and combat

There are tonnes of weapons from the Chinese era that make King of Hunters stand out. You can choose from a range of weapons that include axes, kamas and magical potions. These weapons are the ones that make the impact and set the game apart.


One of the most interesting things about this game is that it is easier to die in this game than other battle royale games. The damage caused by the weapons and their attacks on the character is far more severe, making the game fast-paced and more exciting.

With these things in mind, it is obvious that you must be intrigued by this new MOBA game. Go ahead and download King of Hunters today to experience these things!