Best Alternatives To King of Hunters

With the increase in use of technology, many people have turned to their computers for performing various day to day activities. We rely on computers for the simplest tasks like ordering groceries to booking appointments for your driving test. Similarly, video games have become an integral part of our lives. They provide a great way to relax yourself and enjoy some free time alone. They are a convenient alternative to sports and can be enjoyed by one and all.

Battle royale games have been gaining traction due to their addictive nature and there are several battle royale style games that have amassed a large fan following. King of Hunters is one such battle royale game where players are pitted against one another to see who can survive the game. They are given numerous weapons to choose from and a vast map to explore.

There are several games that have a concept that matches King of Hunters. Here are some of them…


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Alternatives of King of Hunter

Dungeon Hunter 5

This game allows users to pose as bounty hunters who are pitted against one another for a gruesome hack and slash adventure. The game allows users to choose from 900 different pieces of weapons and to perform customisations on their characters.


You can team up with friends and play a game in groups of three. You can also rally other players to form strong allies and win more games. You can build and upgrade your level and also plan defence by crafting potions.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

This game is set in a historical backdrop much like King of Hunters. The game is set in medieval europe where the continent is ridden with war, discord and magic. You can explore the fantasy world that is brought to life in this game by collecting amazing weapons on your monster hunter, explore an extensively detailed map and various dungeon strongholds.


Order and Chaos

Players can choose from five different races namely elves, humans, orcs, undead and mendels. You can choose the gender, appearance and powers of your character at the beginning of the game. There are over 15000 skills and 8000 pieces of equipment to choose from. You can even join a party or a guild to become stronger and coordinate with your teammates.


Eternal Legacy

This adventure filled game is set in a world of fantasy and lets the players experience a new world that is built on a thick narrative. You can also control an ever-changing party of heroes, refugees, and scalawags as they fight to restore a nation. With an emphasis on exploration, the game has detailed scene and locations to play with.


March of Empires

This game allows you to dispatch armies, destroy structures and choose your title that includes king, czar or sultan. These have different powers and allow the kingdom to grow on a daily basis so that you can compete with enemies and prove to be a tactical advantage to your allies in the game.